The American Leadership Crisis: Proposal for a Solution.


By Richard Cheshire (Click for Bio here) founder of Promise America.


We have a leadership crisis in America today. It can be solved. What would be my suggestion?

It is proposed that both political parties and each presidential candidate, as well as all those running for public office, should take a pause, hit the reset button, pledge their strong support for the Preamble, and begin immediately to link all discussion of campaign issues to the standards of performance it sets. We have proposed a pledge we would hope all the candidates for office and the parties that they are a representative of take. Click here get to the Pledge.

The essence of political argument, then, would begin to shift to the center of our being as a nation. The mission of the nation would return to the clearer view as set forth in the Preamble.

Negotiated solutions to once seemingly intractable problems would become more possible. The strength of the numbers that make up “We the People” would begin solidifying and force the return to those basics that form the underlying strength and .

What would be some hoped for results of this effort?

~ The security of our freedom in the world would become more realistic.

~ There would be more respect for America amid the angry constituents in this nation and among our enemies.





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