It Is Time . . . An Invitation

Preamble #12

This is an invitation to each and all who make up We the People.

Let’s come together from wherever you are in this election year, and from this seemingly never ending nightmare of the contentiousness and personal attacks from a time and place that has seemed to have been with us forever. . . . And there is still a half year to go! Let us come together around the basic premises that our Founders created to launch a new nation. They also had the insight to provide the framework that has been the underpinning of the unparalleled success that this land of the free and home of the brave has had.

It is time to turn off the media blitz for a bit to contemplate from whence We the People have come and how we got to be the paramount nation on the planet with purported liberty and justice for all. Once again, our nation was founded and built with the assumption that it was and still is We the People who created it and “We” who carry it forward.

It is time to turn a deaf ear to the constant emphasis on holding up the purported differences of all kinds that are manufactured and then stamped as labels upon various individuals and groups. Then we are constantly fed this segregation into separate silos. Who is championing for all of We the People?

It is time to understand that the gift and foresight of the inspired group of founders compressed into one sentence of 52 words that is the Preamble to our Constitution can once again bring a divided nation back together again. It is time to understand that the raised torch promising liberty and justice for all still burns bright and is a beacon that can still light our way. Is the recitation of our pledge of allegiance meaningless? Are we truly indivisible or is it just about who wins and who loses?

Let’s visit three recent books and sip a bit from each to get a quick primer on this Preamble before we focus on each of the tenets put forth:

  1. [Hoffer, Peter Charles. For Ourselves and Our Posterity: The Preamble to the Federal Constitution in American History. (2013) Oxford U. Press, NY, NY]:

“Over the course of five days in September 1787, five men serving on an ad hoc “Committee of Style and Arrangement” to edit the draft of the federal constitution at the Constitutional Convention profoundly recast the wording of the Preamble. In so doing, the committee changed a federation into a union and laid out an ambitious program for national governance many years ahead of its time. None of this was predetermined by preceding events. The Preamble and all it came to represent was the unique achievement of a remarkable group of men at a momentous turning point in American history.” [The five men were Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, Rufus King, William Samuel Johnson, and Gouverneur Morris].

  1. [Carson, Ben, MD with Candy Carson. A more Perfect Union. (2015) Penguin Random House, NY, NY]:

“This preamble is the Constitution’s introductory statement and sets forth the general principles and goals of our governmental structure. It reveals the hearts of the founders and lays out their goals. It’s the “why” behind the “what”and “how” of the rest of the Constitution, and without it we would have difficulty understanding why the delegates wrote the Constitution as they did.”

  1.  [Cheshire, Richard D. Ph.D. The Indomitable Freedom Quest: Honoring America’s Sacred Trust (2016) Hamilton House Publications, Hamilton, NY.]

“The Preamble speaks to the basic truth that sets us free and keeps us free. It’s the soul that leads us to our solidarity as a people and our security as a nation. This happens only, however, if we live it together and with our friends in other nations. The political, economic and cultural benefits are obvious.

  •     The Preamble is America’s statement of national purpose
  •     It’s the soul of our freedom, the seal of law and order, the source of the American Dream and our DNA as a nation
  •        It’s the ticket to nonpartisanship, to policy-centric leadership
  •        It’s the deflator of the ballooning alienation that threatens to blow up our political system while trying to cure it

Understanding the Preamble and following its mandates is our most direct way out of the unprecedented political difficulties we face as a nation. This is not a partisan conservative or liberal issue. It is an American issue. I believe this is what history teaches us and what leadership requires of us. . . .  I believe we can count on the Preamble to play a critical role in leading us to the new birth of freedom of which Lincoln spoke [in the Gettysburg Address] For that to happen, we must make it part of our national agenda as well as our personal agendas as citizens of this nations. And we should make that happen immediately, as those who aspire to be our leaders sit down to shape their proposals for their platforms. . . .

We may disagree about what that truth [it is the truth that make us free] actually is, but we can agree on the values behind our search for truth in the changing times and circumstances we have. The Preamble is the truth, because it contains the values that are the basis of all political platforms—not only those values of the opposing parties, those of the candidates, and those who serve in the seats of power in the Congress, the Presidency, and the Supreme Court.”

Where do you stand in this time and place when the ‘game’ of politics and media that is playing out can once again end up with a weakened and divided nation? Read those 52 words:

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution of the United States of America. 

 Preamble #12

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