Who is Responsible?

 Full Week, 24 7, 7 Days, Now Open, Open


So, let’s put all the ‘news’ we the people get to see: the innumerable repeats of shootings, shooters, protesters; those working against the protesters; those analyzing (and incentivizing) the perpetrators – the list can go on and on. We are presented with all kinds of speculation about who the “bad guys are.” (How come it seems that 50%+ of the population, the women, are seemingly absent from the blame game?)

Bottom line: The Media is responsible (in part, in full, somehow) for the increasing number of the ‘events’ that take place and then they then get to cover 24/7. What’s the case?

Perhaps the bottom line for the media is that they are motivated by getting the greatest number of viewers so that they can persuade advertisers to advertise and that is where the media get their income and that is the bottom line of the deciders. Those presenting the news get big exposure and so solidify their presence and their salaries. Pretty simple marketing in a system where deciding that all this exposure only motivates/facilitates/energizes those susceptible of being drawn to deviant behavior.

Is there a solution? Yes. Turn off those stations/channels/media outlets that perpetuate this sordid focus. Restrict yourself. Fewer viewers for this type of focus might just motivate a broader coverage, less incentivization for the deranged, and a return to what really matters in life for us to live together, peacefully, and achieve mutual well-being.

Arthur W. Rashap


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