Who We Are~


This blog was established by the founders and staff of Hamilton House Publications, LLC  (“HHP”) – based in Hamilton, N.Y. We are a relatively new publishing company with a philosophy of promoting books, articles, websites, and blogs and blog posts that deal with contemporary (and future) issues and concerns in the context of the principles, values, and directions that the Founders of these United States— and leaders since then— have articulated “to ourselves and our Posterity.” And, as this nation as grown and prospered, we have become a model and leader for much of the rest of the planet. That leadership both internally and internationally, is facing crises.

The divisiveness and paralysis that have arisen in our national governing system and that is reflected in our current national political campaigns lead to a call for centering, for reflection on our founding and basic principles. These, as they have been reflected in the rhetoric and leadership of people like Jefferson, Madison, Hamilton, Lincoln, and many of the scholars, journalists, think tanks, and organizations that have kept our Republic examining— and to a degree fulfilling— the Promise that was made to America and which we want to hold up and re-invigorate.

The founders of  HHP are:

 Dick C smaller photo

Richard Cheshire. He is the author of “Leading By Heart;” former President of The University of Tampa;   former Vice President of Development for the Center for Strategic & International Studies; and a leading authority in leadership work and non-profit development.”Dick” has recently published a new work that is a timely examination of the underpinnings of the law of the land and the basics of political issues as set forth by the Founders in the Preamble to the Constitution, entitled” The Indomitable Freedom Quest – Honoring America’s Sacred Trust that has been published by HHP. He is Chairman of HHP.


Arthur Rashap. He has had a multi-faceted career ranging from Wall Street lawyer and investment banker, to arts administrator for N.Y.C. and N.Y.S., to counsel for the Rockefeller Family, to ginseng farmer, college professor, realtor, and author of several books and studies. He is currently Managing Editor of HHP.




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